Interacting as a Pilot

ANAC Aviation English Test

PART 2 – Interacting as a pilot


This part of the test consists of three listening exercises with two listening tracks in each exercise

(six listening parts in total).



You will take the part of a pilot communicating with air traffic control. You will first receive an instruction to which you need readback. Next, you will be given a problem by the examiner and you will need to report this problem to control. The controller will readback your information and you as the pilot will have to confirm or clarify the controller readback (correct any mistake!). 


BEWARE: Most controllers readbacks will have a mistake and you will have to correct it (clarify)!


You are allowed to take notes. It is highly encouraged that you do so, but remember to pay attention to the listening and do not allow the note taking to interfere with what you hear. The best technique to develop a shorthand system to note the important details while you are listening. 

Examples: ↗(climb)  ↘(descend)  ∩(return)  ┌170(turn right to 170o)        (heart attack)


You will be given a quick scene description to give you situational awareness before the listening is played. Example: “You are the captain of a 737 flying from Miami to London”.


You will be allowed to listen to all the listening tracks two (x2) times and it is recommended that you listen twice. 


This section will mainly evaluate your listening skills but it will also evaluate your vocabulary, fluency and interaction during your explanations, speeches and confirmations or clarifications.