All the teachers are extremely well trained and possess a lot of experience. 
The classes are very productive, interactive and facilitate learning and improve your confidence to operate in English. 
I Highly Recommend Absolute Aviation English!
Paulo Porto - Pilot B777 Emirates.




" Teacher Mike,

I admire you as a teacher and your method is the best, in my modest opnion.I would like to say that this school is the best one that I have ever found. A part from the high level of the native teachers, they are experts in Technical Aviation English. Thanks!"


Milton Andare - Captain A330 TAM Airlines.





" Hi Mike, first of all, thanks for everything and all the help that you gave me! I got Icao 5! I would not have got this without the help of you guys! I 'll always recomend the school to all my friends!"


Daniel Long - Captain Azul Airlines.




"A good school is made up of good teachers, and here at the Absolute Aviation English I had great teachers. 
 I'm sending this message to thank all of the teachers for all their patience, understanding and skills. 
 My success was achieved only because you are and the best. Thank you."

Joāo Carlos Nascimento Coura - Pilot GOL Airlines







I would like to thank you all at Absolute Aviation English International for helping me get ready for the ICAO English Test. All those hours in the classroom were invaluable for me in achieving a level 5+ with a recommendation from ANAC to sit the test again specifically for a level 6.

I will certainly choose you again when the time comes to prepare for this further test.
Thank you." 

Capt. José Antonio Veronezi Cundari - TAM Airlines




"Hi Mike,

I am ICAO English compliant again!
Thank you my Master!!"


Giovane Pagno - TAM Airlines 767




"To all! 

I have been studying at Absolute Aviation English International for some time. I started at a basic level and now I achieved Level 4! The teachers are very dedicated and you can trust them with your eyes closed!

They are the best!"

Anderson Rodrigues - Pilot 767 ABSA Cargo Airlines




"No doubt, Absolute Aviation English has the best team and the best method of teaching!"

 Luciano Caramatti - Captain E190 AZUL 




"To the Great Absolute Aviation English International family,thank you to each one of you for teaching me, correcting me and helping me to maintain focused during a difficult but extremely grateful moment in my life.
 You helped me not only with the ICAO proficiency test (Level 5), but also with my job interview, and  I passed because I studied and prepared with you. 

Thank you everybody!!!

Mike my friend, thanks for everything, you and your family are so special and I hope see you soon."

Alexandre Andreghetto - Captain 737 flydubai





Dear Mike,

Anac has finally released my grade. I was able to keep my 5, with a 5+ in a couple of topics ! 
Once more, I thank you for the great help ! You are awesome !


Kind regards,

Henrique Motta -  Captain TAM Airlines





"Dear Mike,

I would like to thank you for your and your teams help is assisting me in maintaining my Level 5 in the ICAO English test. 

I had the opportunity to attend the group and individual classes at Absolute and I can say that all the teachers are extremely professional and competent.

I recommend Absolute Aviation English International to all pilots who want to improve their technical and general English skills. 

A big hug for you all!"

Marcelo Heitmann - Captain Falcon 900.  





"Hello Mike,

Tatiane and I received our ICAO English results and we passed!

I would like to once again thank you for your classes as the things we learnt at Absolute Aviation English were fundamental to us passing!

 We will be back with you to get our Level 5!"


Tatiane & Thiago - Flight Instructors Air Club of Campinas


"Dear Capt Mike,

I got my English ICAO Level 4!!!!

Thank you for your help!!!!"
Nelson Uryu - Captain Avianca 




"Dear Mike,

 I would like to inform you I was successful in my ICAO English Test at ANAC.

i am now Level 4!!!

This was only possible with your help and all your instructors.

So, my victory is your victory too! 

Thank you very much, Mike.

You're the guy!!!!!

My special thanks to you all!!

Best regards."

Tolosa - Captain Phenom 100




"Dear Mike and all the Absolute team, 

 Thanks for providing all of us with the means to improve our English for safe aviation communication."

 Grossl - Captain Executive Aviation
"Level 5 teachers!!! 

I'm happy!!! Thanks a lot!!!"
Phillip Ferrari - A320 Pilot TAM




"My friends at Absolute,


I would like to share with you my moment of great happiness!


My result was published and it is Level 5!!!!


Thank you!!!!" 


Guido Nardi - Captain Falcon 900





"Great school and spectaculat instructors! I managed to improve my level after just a few classes with you. I recommend Absolute to all!"
Leandro Martins - Captain 737 GOL Airlines


"Hi everybody at Absolute Aviation.

Every teacher drove me hard to get a high English level, which I did! 

I had excellent preparation to do the ICAO English test!

I'm very satisfied with the methodology applied.

Thank you.

See you soon."

Deusdedth - TAM A330 Captain
"My great friend Mike.


I would like to thank you and all the Absolute Aviation English teachers for the cooperation and help given to me in the revalidation process of my linguistic proficiency ICAO/ANAC English test.


Thank you for taking the time to help me!


Absolute Aviation English International!!!! Thanks for everything!"


Jorge Arbage - Master Captain B777 TAM
"Mike has made several trips to Aberdeen, Scotland to offer his services as an Aviation Translator. 


Mike translates aviation training in English/Portuguese for BHS, a helicopter company operating in the Brazilian offshore industry. As a fixed wing pilot, his knowledge of aviation was a great asset. 
Mike was very professional and his involvement with Brazilian pilots was essential to the successful accomplishment of the training, He participated in the ground training and simulators sessions and was part of the results that the pilots attained." 
Captain Yves Faubert EC225 TRE/TRI, SME. CHC Helicopter Services Canada