Warm Up Questions - Aviation Topics

Question 1

Question and model answer:

Please do NOT look at the screen and text below while you are listening for the first time. Make notes of the keywords that you can use in your own answer. After that, listen to the audio again read along with the text below to check you understood everything. 

Question 1 - Absolute Aviation English
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Question: Why did you decide to become a pilot?





Sample Answer: I decided to become a pilot when I was very young. I remember when I was eight years old my family and I traveled from London to Paris on a British Airways 737-200. In those days people were still allowed to visit the cockpit during the flight and I went to see the cockpit. I remember being amazed by all the gauges and lights. That really started my interest in flying. After that, I started to read airplane magazines and build airplane models and my walls were covered in aircraft posters. That is my reason for wanting to become a pilot.

Answer 1 - Absolute Aviation English
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