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Picture 1 - Absolute Aviation English
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In this picture I can see a large passenger aircraft that has crashed at an airport.

The aircraft is a Boeing 777 and it belongs to British Airways because I recognise the livery. It seems to be stopped on its belly on a runway or a taxiway. The belly and the engines of the aircraft are on the ground. An emergency evacuation has been performed as I can see that the emergency slides have been deployed from door one, two and three right.

I can see extensive damage to the aircraft. The engine is severely damaged and large pieces are missing. The wing root and inner flaps are also badly damaged.  The landing gear has broken off as I can see one landing gear on the grass area in the foreground of the picture and the aircraft is resting on its belly.

Just behind the right wing and next to the emergency slide I can see two firemen standing in their fire protective suits, both wearing their helmets and oxygen cylinders on their backs. At the front slide I can see another firemen bending down checking something under the slide. There is a red fire truck stopped in front of the aircraft.

In the foreground of the picture I can see a grass area. At the very front I can see three red light that could be a papi light or a stop bar. The grass area is covered with debris form the aircraft including one of its gears.

In the background I can see an airport terminal and building and there is one aircraft parked there as I can see the tail, and Air France aircraft to be specific.

The weather conditions are good and it seems to be a nice sunny day.

This accident could have been caused by a hard landing or a gear collapse. In this case I actually know the cause of the accident which was a hard landing before the beginning of the runway due to a dual English failure caused by ice blocking the fuel lines.

In this case the airport will be closed for operations until the emergency situation is under control. After that other runways may be reopened or the whole airport might be closed until the aircraft and debris are removed and the area cleared of any damage.

This aircraft in my opinion will be written off and will never fly again.