British Airways Flight 2276 was a scheduled international passenger flight which caught fire
during take-off from Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport on 8 September 2015, prompting
an aborted take-off and the evacuation of all passengers and crew. The flight, bound for Gatwick
Airport near London, had 157 passengers and 13 crew. The aircraft had suffered an uncontained
engine failure in the left (#1) GE90 engine.
Repairs on the aircraft were completed in February 2016 before it returned to passenger service
on 24 March.

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DAL2235: We’re about to turn final, approach 7R.


LAS TWR: Delta 2235, Las Vegas Tower. Caution wake turbulence, a heavy 777 will depart the                  parallel, wind 360 at 5, runway &r cleared to land.


DAL2235: Cleared to land 7R, copy the traffic, Delta 2235.


LAS TWR: Speedbird 2276 heavy, Las Vegas tower.


BA2276: Speedbird 2276 heavy, good afternoon. We’re ready to depart at Alpha 8.


LAS TWR: Speedbird 2276 heavy, wind 360 at 5, Runway 7L at A8, cleared for takeoff.


BA2276: Cleared for takeoff 7L, Speedbird 2276 heavy.


NKS365: Tower, Spirit Wings 356, final 7R.


LAS TWR: Spirit 356, Las Vegas Tower. Following a 717 mile final, wind 020 at 6, runway 7R,                   cleared to land.


NKS356: Cleared to land, Spirit 356.


LAS TWR: Skywest 4770, hold position.


LAS TWR & BA2276 transmit together:


BA2276: Speedbird 2276 heavy, stopping.


LAS TWR: Delta 2235, go around! Fly runway heading, climb and maintain 7000.


DAL2235: OK understand! Delta 2235 is going around. Say the altitude and heading.


LAS TWR: Climb and maintain 7000, Delta 2235. Fly runway heading.


DAL2235: Runway heading up to 7000. Delta 2235


BA2276: Speedbird, ahhh, Mayday Mayday, Speedbird 2276, request fire services.


LAS TWR: Sppedbird 2276, fore services are on the way.


AAL2384: Looks like a brake fire.


LAS GND: American 2384, (do) you want to move from there?


AAL2384: Yes sir!


LAS GND: Alright. Turn right there, join Charlie and hold short of Bravo 5.


AAL2384: Charlie, hold short of Bravo 5.


SWA2415: 2415, holding…..


LAS GND: Everybody in ground hold position.


LAS GND: County Mobile 2. Ground. Approved as requested.


CM7: And Ground, County Mobile 7.


LAS GND: County Mobile 7, Ground, go ahead.


CM7: Yeah, if you haven’t already done so… obviously uh, close runway 7L.


LAS GND: County Mobile 7, copy that, it’s closed.


BA2276: Tower, Speedbird 2276 heavy.


LAS TWR: Speedbird 2276 heavy, go ahead.


BA2276: Speedbird 2276 heavy, We are evacuating on the runway. We have a fire, I repeat,                 we are evacuation.


LAS TWR: Speedbird 2276 roger.


LAS TWR: …. Spirit 376, go around, fly runway heading, climb and maintain 7000.


NKS376: Runway heading, 7000. Spirit 356.


LAS GND: American 2514, just hold your position, I’ll get you moving here shortly, I gotta (I have                got to) get all these emergency vehicles out there.


LAS GND: Southwest 1030, probably on your way in if you see any emergency vehicles give                       way to them please.



SWA1030: Will do.


LAS GND: OK, 7L is closed. Emergency in progress…….. Hold your position there. We’re                          currently not departing any aircraft.


LAS GND: Spirit 388, it’s looking like 7L will be closed for a while, we’re gonna (going to) switch                 around the runway to 19R, are you able to take that?.